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The First Working Day After Chinese Spring Festival Holiday

Date: 2018-02-22   Clicked: 1638

Today is our first working day after the Spring Festival holiday in China, and we are so glad and excited to be back to our position to get ready for the beginning of the year of dog.

As you might know that every new year in China, there will be a Chinese Zodiac coming with, which is one kind of live animal or legendary animal. And this year is the year of dog, there is saying in China that when the dog is barking, the sound is just like a Chinese character “旺”, which means prosperous, so we sincerely wish in this year we may have a great prosperity not only in our work and business but also in our family and life, and indeed hope to have a great opportunity to start business cooperation with any friend who has sincerity of being interests in our products:-)


Let’s work hard again and make a prosperous and successful year!

Jason Shen
Sales Manager
Mobile & WhatsApp:  +86 159 5155 2422

Decar Automotive Equipment
Add:  South East Industrial park, Yandong Town, Yancheng Jiangsu China
Website:  www.decarepair.com

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