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TC930 Swing Arm Tyre Changer

Product Infomation
Tyre changer machine with installation hole prepared, ready for future update.
  • Model:TC930
  • Specification:Swing Arm Tyre Changer
  • Packing Size:1.16CBM
  • Gross Weight:247KG
  • Color:Blue, red,grey

Technical Data



Rim Clamping from Outside

10" to 20"

Rim Clamping from Inside

12" to 24"

Max. Wheel Diameter


Wheel Width


Operating Pressure


Motor Power


Noise Level


Main Feature  

1. The structure of the swing arm featured with economical and practical.

2. Tool head of the special steel with the feature of wear-resistance, not bend and break.

3. The customer can optional equip the plastic tool head according to the requirement.

4. The installation hole prepared on this model of machine is ready for the future update on the machine to assemble the

    helper. Optional equipping with the up helpers is economic and convenient to operate.

5. The universal switch is 40A with a pure silver touching point, it can bear great load with a long using life.

6. The clamp is made of special material, strong and durable.

7. You can optional equip the MJ-B motorcycle adaptor is easy for mounting and demounting, without damaging the rim

    and can work upside down. The dimension will extend 3" more or reduce 2" less after equip this.

8. Break breaker is optional.


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