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NEW Wheel Aligner

DK-V3R6 Combined Wheel Aligner
DK-V3R6 combined wheel aligner, more easy to operate.
DK-X3DIII  High Pixel Wheel Aligner
DK-X3DIII with 5MP cameras and smaller target plates
DK-XT Advanced Wheel Aligner
DK-XT advanced wheel aligner, with space for tools
DK-V3R3 Combined Wheel Aligner
DK-V3R3 Combined Wheel Aligner,more easy to operate.
DK-V3M Mobile Wheel Aligner
Mobile type design with column installed behind the cabinet.
DK-X3DII High Pixel Wheel Aligner
DK-X3DII with 5MP cameras and smaller target plates
DK-V3R9 Combined Wheel Aligner
DK-V3R9 combined wheel aligner with double displays.
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