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DK-4030 Heavy Duty Column Lift

Product Infomation
Heavy duty column lift, remote control
  • Model:DK-4030
  • Specification:Heavy Duty Column Lift
  • Packing Size:
  • Gross Weight:
  • Color:Blue, red,grey

Technical Specification



Lifting Capacity

5500kgs/7500kgs/8500 per Column

Max. Lifting Height


Time for Lifting or Lowering

120 s/100 s

Motor Power

2.2KW per Column


580kgs per column

Lifting System




Power supply

 208V/220V 3 phase 60Hz 

380V/400V/415V 3 phase 50Hz


Main Feature

■ Operation available at each column and the remote control handle.
  ■ A switch on the master control box for single, double, four or all columns operation.
  ■ The hydraulic electric system provides safe and accurate real time control.
  ■ With up-to-date technology, SCM control system ensures the lifts’ synchronization.
  ■ Double safety system: mechanical lock and hydraulic check valve.
  ■ Fixed or adjustable wheel support optional at your choice.
  ■ Mobile and flexible, the system can be used indoor or outdoor.
  ■ Waterproof design for use in commercial washbays.
  ■ Requires only a flat, stable floor and a power source, no installation cost.
  ■ CE approved

Product Details

1.Adjustable wheel support accommodates wheel sizes from 500-1120mm.     

2.LCD screen on master control box.

3.Remote control handle 




4.Optional axle stand with 7.5 tons capacity               


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