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DK-V3R6 Combined Wheel Aligner

Product Infomation
DK-V3R6 combined wheel aligner, more easy to operate.
  • Model:DK-V3R6
  • Specification:Combined Wheel Aligner
  • Packing Size:1.18CBM
  • Gross Weight:178KG
  • Color:Blue,red,grey,orange

Technical Specification 




Total toe  



Individual toe












Thrust angle



Main Feature

1. It holds with completely independent intellectual property rights.

2. The selection of vehicle models supports manual input to check the brand, really quick and easy.

3. Available for rollback and no-rollback detection modes.

4. Available for quick-wheel positioning, standard-wheel positioning, split-wheel positioning, two-wheel positioning and single-wheel positioning.

5. 26 kinds of language for different countries and districts.

6. The special target plates have no electronic components, waterproof, anti-fall, trouble-free and more stable.

7. Intelligent recognition system with built-in image background removal functionmaking data acquisition more real and effective and measuring precision higher accurate.

8.3D camera with built-in cache processing don’t lose the data and transfer fast.

9. The automatic adjustment functions with intelligent exposure and infrared compensation, making it used under strong light, weak light and polarizer environment, wide range of use and longer service life.

10. Automatic adjustment for height of camera beam, more convenient and easier.  

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