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DK-X3DIII High Pixel Wheel Aligner

Product Infomation
DK-X3DIII with 5MP cameras and smaller target plates
  • Model:DK-X3DIII
  • Specification:Advanced wheel aligner
  • Packing Size:2.32CBM
  • Gross Weight:287KG
  • Color:Blue, red, grey



1/2.5 "5 million CMOS image sensor



Pixel size

2.2 x 2.2um

Image caching


Rated voltage

5V, 12V (external power supply)

Programming control

Infrared fill, gain, brightness, ROI, etc

Fit lens

V3D special lens

Preprocessing algorithm

V3D image preprocessing algorithm

Technical support

SDK, support VC, CB, VB, DELPHI, LABVIEW and other development languages.


1. With CMOS sensor with 5 million pixel, the image is clearer, it also can support smaller target plate,

greatly reducing the weight of the target plate.

2. With American Xilinx high performance FPGA and 128MB DDR2 cache, the image signal is processed at high speed,

which is also useful for the target plate recognition and the CPU load of the computer is reduced.

3. The camera is fully intelligent, embedded V3D image preprocessing algorithm, saving USB bandwidth, improving

the frame rate of image acquisition, and shortening the waiting time of measurement. Fully supporting SDK two development in

backstage, greatly reducing the difficulty of developing alignment software.

4. The camera is highly integrated. The main chips are packaged in BGA and QFN, and chip pins are hidden inside. The chip mounter

is used for welding. The oxidation resistance and reliability are better, prolong service life by 2 times, greatly reduce after-sales service.

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