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TC990A Truck Tyre Changer

Product Infomation
Designed for use with truck wheels of up to 1500 kg and 14" - 26" rim diameter.
  • Model:TC990A
  • Specification:Truck Tyre Changer
  • Packing Size:3.2CBM
  • Gross Weight:795KG
  • Color:Blue, red,grey

Technical Data



Operating Pressure

130-150 bar

Max. Wheel Diameter

1600 mm

Max Wheel Width

760 mm

Max. Wheel Weight


Noise Level


Rim Diameter

14" to 26"

Hydraulic Pump Motor

1.5kw 380V/3Ph/50Hz

Gearbox Motor

1.8kw 380V/3Ph/50Hz


Main Feature

1. The parts of the hydraulic station are qualified imported subassembly.

2. The main motor and its correlative electric parts accord with the CE standard.

3. Lifting arm oil tank has the center support.

4. The movable control support is easy for observing all aspects, avoiding the improper operation.

5. Electrical control cabinet adopts E-grade standard.

6. The gear box is made of aluminum alloy castings, high density, light weight, good-locking, anti-corrosion, and well seals.

7. The worm gear is made of tin & bronze alloy, high density, anti-wear, anti-corrosion, and long life in use.

Standard  Accessories


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