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TC990B Automatic Truck Tyre Changer

Product Infomation
Designed for use with truck, bus, tractor and industrial vehicles wheels of up to 1800 kg and 14" - 56" rim diameter.
  • Model:TC990B
  • Specification:Automatic Truck Tyre Changer
  • Packing Size:5.0CBM
  • Gross Weight:1252KG
  • Color:Blue, red,grey

Technical Data



Operating Pressure

130-150 bar

Max. Wheel Diameter

2300 mm

Max. Wheel Width

1100 mm

Max. Wheel Weight


Noise Level


Rim Diameter

14" to 42"

With Extension Jaws(Optional)

42" to 56"

Hydraulic Pump Motor

1.5kw 380V/3Ph/50Hz

Gearbox Motor

2.4kw/3.0kw 380V/3Ph/50Hz

Main Feature

1.   It is used to mount/demount the drop center rim/tubeless wheel /wheel with ring of the passenger car/truck/agriculture vehicle/industrial vehicle.

2.   The tool arm can automatically move horizontally and vertically.

3.   Tool can automatic rotate. The spindle on the mounting head, use rolling bearing design, it can be used for the tire with huge resistance.

4.   It is equipped with the hydraulic driven carriage making the tire moving on the tire changer without man power.

5.   The small and portable console is very convenient to observe from different view avoiding the wrong operation in the process of operation.

6.   Dual speed main shaft motor can improve the working efficiency.

7.   There is a safe protection switch on the lifting arm.


Standard  Accessories


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