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WB180 Truck and Car Wheel Balancer

Product Infomation
The truck wheel balancer with 3 ALU modes and STA MODE.
  • Model:WB180
  • Specification:Truck and Car Wheel Balancer
  • Packing Size:1.45CBM
  • Gross Weight:322KG
  • Color:Blue, red,grey

Technical Data



Rim Diameter

10" to 24"

Max. Wheel Weight


Max. Wheel Diameter


Rim Width



100 / 200rpm

Working Pressure

5-8 bar

Motor Power



Main Feature

1. A wheel balancer with self-owned intellectual property.

2. Enlarge digital tube data display to make it convenient for the customer to check.

3. With the car/truck conversion function key guaranteeing the precision to be 10g when handling truck tire and 1g when handling

    car tire.

4. You can choose the 5 digital system or 10 digital system.

5. 3 ALU modes and STA mode.

6. With pedal brake making the positioning of the weight precisely.

7. Conversion of mm/inch and gram/ounce.

8. With the lift saving time and labor when mount the wheel. 


Standard  Accessories 


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