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WB190 Truck and Car Wheel Balancer with Super LE Display

Product Infomation
The truck wheel balancer measures both the static and the dynamic portion of unbalance and hence increases truck wheel life considerably.
  • Model:WB190
  • Specification:Truck and Car Wheel Balancer with Super LE Display
  • Packing Size:1.45CBM
  • Gross Weight:322KG
  • Color:Blue, red,grey

Technical Data



Rim Diameter

10" to 24"

Max. Wheel Weight


Max. Wheel Diameter


Rim Width



100 / 200rpm

Working Pressure

5-8 bar

Motor Power


Main Feature

1.  A wheel balancer with self-owned intellectual property.

2.  This machine has the balance modes including static and many kinds of ALU mode.

3.  Allow customers to define and edit the balance operation set up according to their requirements.

4.  With the car/truck conversion function key guaranteeing the precision to be 10g when handling truck tire and 1g when 

     handling car tire.

5.  Super big LED display and customer can have a good view when operating the machine.

6.  Equipped with inch to millimeter and gram to ounce conversion function.

7.  Standard 42mm thread shaft can be used as the universal accessory for the domestic and overseas standard wheel

     balancer, flange disk and lock-thread all undertaken supersonic quench and milling, strong, durable and beautiful.

8.  The display window and the weights cover is independent and difficult to damage the screen when operation, the button

     board will be using more permanent.

9.  The customer can setup the minimum weight to display according to their requirement.

10.With pedal brake making the positioning of the weight precisely.

11.With the lift saving time and labor when mount the wheel.


Standard  Accessories



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