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Tyre Changers

TC980ITF Automatic Tyre Changer for Wheels up to 30’’ Diameter
Full automatic tyre changer with maximum outer clamping capability of 26".
TC980L Automatic Leverless Tyre Changer
Full automatic leverless tire changer with tire lifting device, to save labor.
TC990A Truck Tyre Changer
Designed for use with truck wheels of up to 1500 kg and 14" - 26" rim diameter.
TC990B Automatic Truck Tyre Changer
Designed for use with truck, bus, tractor and industrial vehicles wheels of up to 1800 kg and 14" - 56" rim diameter.
TC990C Mobile Truck Tyre Changer
Electro-hydraulic drive, mobile control unit and safety valve on chuck prevents accidental unclamping of wheels.
TC910 Motorcycle Tyre Changer
Motorcycle tyre changer with auto self-centering function and special tool head for motorcycle.
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